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Hello partners!

You ca9n find here all newsletters we are sending which contains all best-selling products, which are worth promoting, as well as a list of new launches that you will be able to prepare for. 



How to create landing page for one product? 

If you want to promote just one product or product line, please go to our e-shop, to the product you want to promote, copy the URL and add ?a_box=xxx  (xxx= affiliate ID) at the end of the copied link. 


TIP: Open an incognito browser window and copy exactly the link you just made. After the page loads, you can open a commission program, go to the message board and check the Statistics tab from the top menu.

You should then see the first click record in the table. If you make a test order, you should see a record of the conversion in progress next to the click in the Statistics item after the commission window has been restored after completing the test order.